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Nate Wenneker
Nate Wenneker
Assistant Vice President
Verification Gateway
GTC leveraged the Inceptia Student Outreach Programs team to extend the personal outreach to admitted students to welcome them, answer questions, provide next steps and offer encouragement.
Utilizing Student Outreach Programs multifaceted strategy for connecting with students, the Inceptia team contacted just over 2,000 students. The contacts consisted of 90% never having showed interest in Delgado and the remaining 10% had withdrawn in Spring 2022.
Student Outreach Programs engage with students to promote processes leading to enrollment and address barriers to aid in your planning and support strategy.
Student Outreach Programs help you connect with prospective, current and withdrawn students to address entry concerns, provide support and collect data.
What Others are Saying
"I no longer had to collect documentation for every student... Instead, I had time to counsel students, assist at high school FAFSA completion events, and help with other duties in the office."
- Financial Aid Director
"Our enrollment has increased. What I think is really phenomenal is that our staff is more readily available to serve our students and we are not as bogged down behind a mountain of paperwork. It really is like having another staff member or 2."
- Executive Director, Student Services
"The students really learn from Financial Avenue. The content isn't easy, but it's easy to learn. It's written in a way that they can understand it."
- Repayment Coordinator
"Your service (VG) is an easy wonderful process. All schools should be required to partner with your company."
- Parent
"We were approaching a 22% default rate as a system, and have cut that almost in half!"
- Financial Aid Director
"Inceptia stepped in when we couldn't and made students aware of their repayment options and that made the difference. Their solution is brilliant"
- Director of Financial Aid
"I've used Verification Gateway as a Parent & Financial Aid Director - both experiences are easy, intuitive and efficient."
- Director of Financial Aid