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Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones
Assistant Vice President

Verification Gateway is a powerful tool that streamlines the verification process for students, families and schools.

Take a look at these resources to see the process, read the case studies, and review the stats on how Verification can help you. Then, connect with me for your personalized ROI analysis.

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Greensboro College Keeps Students and Team Focused on College Experience with Inceptia Services
Greensboro extends their Student Financial Services Team with the knowledgeable student advocates that support Verification Gateway and Repayment Counseling Outreach from Inceptia. The Inceptia team keeps up with the requirements and regulations that could serve as barriers for verification and student loan repayment, removing the burden from Greensboro’s small team. Answering questions and managing the process for an improved student experience, enables Greensboro to focus on other aspects of financial services counseling.
Delgado Moves Students from Applied to Enrolled through Student Outreach Program
Utilizing Student Outreach Programs multifaceted strategy for connecting with students, the Inceptia team contacted just over 2,000 students. The contacts consisted of 90% never having showed interest in Delgado and the remaining 10% had withdrawn in Spring 2022.
Verification Gateway Reduced Work Load Among Staff at Multiple Colleges That Enabled More Student-Centric Service
Implementing a third-party solution, like Verification Gateway by Inceptia, allowed staff to spend less time verifying and more time helping students with other financial aid components. VG provided efficient and timely verification processing as well as solid customer support to both staff and students.
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