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Financial Education
Fostering financial empowerment and capability with Financial Avenue.
These e-guides give insight into Inceptia's Financial Education platform, Financial Avenue.
The More You Knowl
The More You Knowl: Maximizing Student Engagement with Financial Avenue
When it comes to financial education, what if you could engage just 10% more of your student body? Learn more about Financial Avenue and how it can help.
Course Objectives
Financial Avenue Course Content and
Learning Objectives

Learn about Financial Avenue, our curriculum-based e-learning tool, for your financial education needs.
FAFSA toolkit
FAFSA Toolkit
Ready-to-use tools to answer FAFSA questions and encourage your students to complete it sooner.
#TheMoreYouKnowl Toolkit
Videos, lists, content and calculators to help students understand their relationship with money and how to manage their student loans.
Exit Counseling
Exit Counseling & Repayment
Share these free resources with students and families, and take a look at the helpful information under "Preparing Your Office for Repayment."
Resources to Share
Great Advice for Grads
Check out our annual guide for graduating students, loaded with information about loans, careers and life after college.
Great Advice for Parents
This guide features a collection of articles from NerdWallet’s experts and provides parents and students with valuable information regarding college planning and finances.
Great Advice for Grad & Pro
An e-guide with great advice for graduate and professional students, tailored to money and career goals.
Case Studies
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Financial Avenue As a Drawing Board to Launch Artistic Careers
Financial Avenue takes a behavioral-based approach to delivering relevant content that explains exactly why students should care, while also addressing how students can immediately apply concepts to build financial capability now.
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State University of New York
SUNY Manages Unique Campus Needs with Financial Avenue
Financial Avenue, with its scalability and 24-7 access, provides the ideal platform for the SUNY system to target the needs of each campus. The flexibility of Financial Avenue also enables each campus to revisit the concepts and needs of students and then adjust the program accordingly. It is a win-win to give students a better understanding of their financial capabilities and to meet campus goals.
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University of Dayton
Financial Avenue Helps Students With Housing Assignment Advantage While Learning Life Skills
With its flexibility and 24-7 access, Financial Avenue provides the ideal platform for UD students to earn housing points while also increasing their financial capability — a win-win! It helps reinforce key concepts, while new perspectives born of growth and experience enhance the learning process.
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Research Briefs
The ROI of Financial Education
This brief examines the effects of financial education on student satisfaction and financial stress levels, retention and more.
The State of Student Finances 2021:
Multiyear Comparisons and Pandemic Effects
This research brief covers year-over-year changes in a relatively stable economic climate, versus insights from within the unfolding COVID-19 upheaval.
Missed Opportunities and Abandoned Ambitions: Understanding and Combating Student Melt
This brief reviews the current research and best practices to offer a better understanding of what causes student melt.