Insight Newsletter
June 4, 2020

At Inceptia, we understand the pressure financial aid offices are experiencing during the COVID-19 crisis and we are here to help. We've filled this month's newsletter with information on two self-service platforms developed with both the student and administrator in mind, plus we'll introduce you to an extension to our Grace Counseling Outreach solution. We've also included details, dates and registration information for this month's virtual sessions you won't want to miss!

Start using PJ Advisor now!

As reported by U.S. News and World Report, 36 million unemployment claims over the last two months came from students or parents of students enrolled in school. With such staggering numbers such as these, the need for professional judgements is inevitable.

Quick to implement and easy-to-navigate, our re-released professional judgement platform, PJ Advisor is a virtual solution that efficiently streamlines the growing number of professional judgements by reducing the time it takes to gather information for faster resolution.

For Students

  • Secure and device-responsive
  • Easy to understand step-by-step process
  • Pre-screened questions
  • Helpful reminders along the way show progress
  • E-sign for submission

For Schools

  • One central dashboard
  • View applicant progress
  • Eliminates gathering and sorting
  • Request additional information within the platform
  • Respond with decision
  • Secure and device-responsive

We will cover features and benefits of PJ Advisor along with a sneak peek at the platform during our Professional Judgement Doesn’t Have to be Complicated webinar

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Verification Gateway
Now available as a SaaS solution!

Verification Gateway, Inceptia’s virtual verification process for students and parents, is an intuitive, automated solution to gather information and documentation required to verify students for Federal Financial Aid. The system utilizes over 500 rules and smart technology to collaboratively sense, adapt, and provide students and parents with precise requirements to expedite information and documentation submissions; reducing conflicting information by collecting only what is required.

This efficient process has helped institutions like the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) system process verifications faster and accurately

Verification Gateway became less of a choice and more of a need.

-Steve McDowell
  Director of Financial Aid Services for CSCU

CSCU utilizes VG at 16 of their institutions and in just the first year of implementation, they saw a 50 percent reduction in the number of days from verification selection to completion and a 28 percent average increase in completed verifications. The faster turnaround time enabled administrators to award students more quickly.

To learn more about Verification Gateway, join us on June 18 as a panel of financial aid experts talk through how the verification challenges are changing and actions we can take to mitigate them.

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and register.

Return to Repayment Outreach: Student Loan Payments Resuming

The CARESAct and suspension of student loan repayments have created a number of questions for borrowers including when repayment resumes and how to repay due to under/unemployment. To better support borrowers during this critical time, we’ve designed a solution that will connect with student loan borrowers to inform them that their repayment obligations will resume on October 1, 2020, and answer vital questions.

Our highly-trained counselors will reach out to student loan borrowers to discuss repayment options and will take the necessary time to help your students determine their next steps. Borrower questions will be answered and they will be informed of their repayment options. And, if additional changes are made to suspension of student loan payments, we’ll communicate that as well. Rest assured, your student borrowers’ privacy is protected at all times through secure sites and monitored communication for accuracy and compliance.

Connecting with borrowers prior to repayment resuming provides borrowers with an opportunity to mitigate issues that will help them have a better financial future and protect your school's Cohort Default Rate.

Click here to get started with this student outreach program.

Join us for a Virtual Event to Help You Get
To and Through the Next School Year

To help you get ready for the months to come, we’ve stacked our June webinar calendar with sessions geared toward helping you manage yourself, your time and your student counseling. The schedule includes skills management sessions on Tuesdays, plus a look into PJ Advisor - our virtual professional judgement platform - replays of our most timely webinars on Wednesdays and two financial aid professional panel sessions on Thursdays. In these sessions you will hear financial aid management and financial education professionals give insights to helpful strategies to prepare for and get through your next season. Register for these sessions on

June Webinar Series
Wed, June 10 · 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 pm CT
Steve McDowell, the Director of Financial Aid Services for the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities shared how the role of verification services plays with reducing melt, staffing challenges, expense management and verification lift.
Tues, June 16 · 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. CT
Join us to find out how PJ Advisor, our virtual professional judgement platform can streamline the professional judgement process for your students and your school.
Thurs, June 18 · 1:00 - 2:00 pm CT
In this session we will be joined by a panel of financial aid experts to talk through how the verification challenges are changing and actions we can take to mitigate them.
Tues, June 23 · 1:00 - 2:00 pm CT
Hear from one of our customer support experts on tips and techniques they use to manage student interactions every day including using effective language, employing emotional intelligence, taking control of the call, and physical or mental tweaks you can make to improve your communication.
Wed, June 24 · 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. CT
This session provides an overview of the melt phenomenon, considering today’s issues, using curated research to highlight some of the root causes and issues, as well as steps we can take to raise awareness and identify strategies to help students get to and through college.
Thur, June 25 · 1:00 - 2:00 pm CT
Join us as we discuss these questions and more with our financial aid expert panel as we take a forward-looking approach to what might be ahead for the many duties of financial aid including verification, appeals, enrollment, and loan repayment.