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Community colleges are the gateway to higher education for a very diverse student base; from first gen to second career and everything in between. Take advantage of these free resources to enhance your student communications and strengthen your strategy.
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Ready-to-use tools to answer FAFSA questions and encourage your students to complete it sooner.
FAFSA Mistakes
Videos, lists, content and calculators to help students understand their relationship with money and how to manage their student loans.
FAFSA Resources
Share these free resources with students and families, and take a look at the helpful information under "Preparing Your Office for Repayment."
Case Studies
Connecticut State
Verification Gateway Provides a Reliable Verification Portal to Enable Steady Enrollment
Housantonic Community College
Award Money Granted Faster for Students at Inner-City Community College
Louisiana Community Technical College
Verification Gateway Reduced Work Load Among Staff at Multiple Colleges That Enabled More Student-Centric Service
Blue Ridge Community College
Students No Longer Hide from Debt and the Financial Aid Team Experiences a Lower Default Rate
State University of New York
SUNY Manages Unique Campus Needs with Financial Avenue
Metropolitan Community College
Early Student Connection is Key to Successful Repayment Entry
Take a quick look at how VG works for your students and you.
See the Verification Gateway advantage for you school.
FAFSA Resources
Transform verification to offer time savings and flexibility.
PJ Advisor
Make it easier for your students to appeal and uncomplicate the process for your office.
SAP Advisor
Streamline the SAP process for your students and your team.
Financial Education
Financial Avenue
Offer your students a tailored educational experience that adapts to their interactions and your requirements.
Repayment Wellness
Loan Summary
Promote a better understanding of student loans.
Managing Your CDR
An e-guide to the CDR timeline, key impacts of repayment, and tips for preparedness.
Grace Counseling Outreach
Connect with borrowers about the repayment process to launch a successful financial future.
Repayment Counseling Outreach
Guide your students back to successful repayment and improve your school's default rate.
Student Outreach Programs help you connect with prospective, current and withdrawn students to address entry concerns, provide support and collect data.
What Others are Saying
"I no longer had to collect documentation for every student... Instead, I had time to counsel students, assist at high school FAFSA completion events, and help with other duties in the office."
- Financial Aid Director
"Our enrollment has increased. What I think is really phenomenal is that our staff is more readily available to serve our students and we are not as bogged down behind a mountain of paperwork. It really is like having another staff member or 2."
- Executive Director, Student Services
"The students really learn from Financial Avenue. The content isn't easy, but it's easy to learn. It's written in a way that they can understand it."
- Repayment Coordinator
"Your service (VG) is an easy wonderful process. All schools should be required to partner with your company."
- Parent
"We were approaching a 22% default rate as a system, and have cut that almost in half!"
- Financial Aid Director
"Inceptia stepped in when we couldn't and made students aware of their repayment options and that made the difference. Their solution is brilliant"
- Director of Financial Aid
"I've used Verification Gateway as a Parent & Financial Aid Director - both experiences are easy, intuitive and efficient."
- Director of Financial Aid