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October 1, 2020
Early Engagement Equals a Better Outcome

Proactive outreach to students puts them on the right track for successfully fulfilling goals and obligations, especially if there are any additional challenges. Use these Inceptia Outreach Programs to extend your contact with students at the critical times they need to make decisions and take action. Our highly-trained counselors use a variety of methods to reach your students and provide important reminders, answer questions and provide the information they need to overcome barriers.

Return to Repayment Outreach: Reaching out to your borrowers to offer information and answer critical questions related to the CARES Act and student loan legislation so they can successfully resume repayment.

FAFSA Completion Outreach: Remind students of the importance of completing the FAFSA and provide support for unique financial circumstances through targeted, proactive communication.

Student Outreach Program: Connecting with prospective, current and withdrawn students to address entry concerns, provide support and collect data.

The 30%, 50% & 70% of Verification Gateway

Classes are underway in many forms and the next wave of verifications will be coming in. What if your team could handle it all virtually from one intuitive platform that was also easy for your students to access and understand? So much easier that you could increase your completed verifications by more than 30% or decrease the time it takes from first ISIR to verified by 50% and save over 70% on each verification?

Verification Gateway is available in full-service delivery meaning you can leverage the intuitive features including paperless document handling and e-signing from any device and reap the benefits of progressive smart rules that auto verify and flag verifications that need additional attention. You’ll also experience decreased call volume and faster verification turnaround to package your students' aid sooner.

Contact us for your personalized ROI to see how much you can save!

Verification Gateway at Work

The Stephens College financial aid team was looking for a solution that could process verifications faster, while maintaining quality of service, providing an online user-friendly experience, and easing the staff workload. When outsourcing became an option, “it became the preferred alternative.”

Read more about their story.

Be Ready to Process PJs, Emergency Aid Requests and SAP Appeals

We all know school is different this year for students and the financial aid office alike. While surveys indicate students want to come back to school and are doing their best to cope, many will need a change in their financial aid to do so or have extenuating circumstances that add extra challenges.

PJ Advisor and our SAP Advisor, our virtual platforms handle requests and appeals that can streamline the PJ, emergency aid and SAP process for your students and your school. Developed with the student and administrator in mind, these solutions are easy to use with intuitive questions and step-by-step instructions to capture each specific situation. Both are available on any device, wherever and whenever it is needed for the student and for your team to review and approve. PJ Advisor and SAP Advisor are easy to implement and can be fully operational within two weeks.

Loan Summary Continues to Educate and Empower Students, Addresses COVID-19 and CARES Act

Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of schools utilizing debt letters to educate and inform students regarding loan management. Keeping the information available and in front of students also keeps it closer to top of mind. Our Loan Summary program has been so well-received by students and highly sought by college administrators for a number of reasons:

  • Curated information provided at timely interventions.
  • Loan Summary allows schools to customize a communication schedule with the autonomy to gauge when your students may have fewer demands on their time or mental bandwidth, allowing them space to better process and act upon loan information.
  • The Loan Summary site contains a broad range of financial education information, calculators, budgets and other tools to supplement our letters, which can be paired with our online financial education program, Financial Avenue, to have even more impact.
  • Upload private/institutional loan information means that our Loan Summary letters are truly comprehensive and more accurate than other sites that may only provide federal loan information.

The Loan Summary student emails are kept current to address financial hardships related to COVID-19, conveying support and understanding, while encouraging students to weather uncertain financial times by proactively managing student borrowing and repayment options. We also provide students with information regarding the CARES Act and invite them to speak with one of our Inceptia student loan experts regarding their CARES questions.

Focusing on Engagement to Reap the Benefits of Financial Education

Pulling together your feedback and monitoring student behavior, we know that you want new Financial Avenue content and new ways to engage students. With that in mind, we are adding lesson plans to the Financial Avenue administrator portal.

Located within the Educator Toolkit, these lesson plans allow you to conduct your own webinars, workshops, class discussions – however you choose to use them. The plans include an educator guide with resources, as well as a PowerPoint Presentation.

Lesson plans will continue to be added over the coming months, including timely and relevant topics such as the racial wealth divide, women and finance, and how to manage money during a crisis.

Still not sure how to increase Financial Avenue participation at your campus? Just ask us! We’re here to help with tips and best practices from around the country.

Contact your Inceptia Business Development team representative or our Client Support team for more information.

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