FAFSA Completion Student Outreach

FAFSA Completion
Helping students to overcome barriers and complete the FAFSA sooner.
FAFSA CompletionFAFSA Completion Mobile
Remind students of the importance of completing the FAFSA and provide support for unique financial circumstances through targeted, proactive communication.
Help Your Students Complete the FAFSA

Connecting with high school students with a reminder to complete the FAFSA is critical. Inceptia wants to work with you to provide proactive outreach to students to increase the number that complete the FAFSA and help them see all the options they have available. By doing this we can help reduce financial barriers to attending school and help reduce student anxiety.

Extend Personalized Contact

Through a variety of methods, Inceptia student advocates will reach out to students to help them see the value in completing the FAFSA.


Inceptia advocates will report successful right party contacts with students.

Changing Environment
FAFSA completion rates have been declining which could result in a tragic number of students not attending college due to their financial situation when they may have been able to afford it with some assistance. Use these resources to assist in FAFSA promotion.
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Sap Advisor

SAP Advisor
Making appeal management easier for students and schools.
SAP AdvisorSAP Advisor Mobile
SAP Advisor is a fully automated online solution that provides students, faculty and the financial aid staff with the tools to effectively manage the Satisfactory Academic Progress process and SAP appeals – quickly and seamlessly.
Streamline the Appeals Process

SAP Advisor provides a dynamic guide for students through the appeals process via automated electronic appeal submission. For schools that have tasked a committee to review appeals, SAP Advisor facilitates and speeds up the process by allowing committee members to vote on appeal submissions remotely.

Manage the Academic Plan

As some schools require an Academic Plan to supplement the appeal process, SAP Advisor provides an online environment where students and advisors can communicate virtually, build and monitor the plan.

Increase Efficiency

By automating the document collection and review process, SAP Advisor increases the efficiency of your faculty, advisors and financial aid office.

Improve Student Retention

Delivering needed information through the self-service, intuitive online solutions that they expect, empowers students to actively engage, increasing student satisfaction and retention.

Simplify Document Management

All documentation is collected as appropriate through SAP Advisor, removing that task from your school’s financial aid team. In addition, it attaches the documentation to the student record so there is no sorting. You can pull individual documentation from our systems when required or we can provide a complete download of the information to the school.

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PJ Advisor

PJ Advisor
PJ Advisor is a virtual professional judgement platform that streamlines and uncomplicates managing the growing number of professional judgement requests.
PJ AdvisorPJ Advisor Mobile
Wherever they are and whenever they need it, PJ Advisor is available on any device allowing the student to focus on their academics rather than worry about how they are going to pay for college.
Improve the Student Experience
PJ Advisor’s secure and device-responsive platform delivers an intuitive self-service solution that guides students step-by-step through the professional judgement request process. As they complete their request, they are prompted to digitally upload the situational documentation while following their task list. Helpful reminders along the way show progress and keep them on track. Once complete they simply sign and submit.
Choose Your Process
With PJ Advisor's flexibility, you can utilize our knowledgeable team to review the applications for accuracy and completeness before you review for a final decision or you can utilize the PJ Advisor streamlined platform to manage the entire process in your office.
Expedite PJ Appeals
Pre-screening questions and a guided application process takes the guesswork out of what to gather and how to submit. Creating a standard process with room for individual considerations ensures all information has been gathered enabling a holistic and efficient review. The PJ Advisor environment is device responsive and easy to use.
Student Process
Select the situations that apply to you.
Tell us your story.
Upload supporting documentation.
Submit your completed appeal.
Review and Approve Virtually
School administrators have access to applicant statuses, details on the information submitted, and when ready, completed appeals are reviewed through a central dashboard. Administrators can also request additional documentation from students within the platform and respond accordingly when a decision has been made.
Streamline Document Management
All documentation is collected through PJ Advisor into one student file eliminating gathering and sorting for the financial aid office for more convenient review. Schools can review requests individually or in a full download. Progress is easily trackable through the client dashboard.
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Verification Gateway

Verification transformed giving you time savings and flexibility.
Verification Gateway Verification Gateway Mobile
Verification Gateway pairs a fully-automated process with the flexibility of optional personal interaction, to offer the industry’s smartest verification solution.
The Verification Gateway platform is an intuitive, automated solution to gather the information and documentation required for Federal and institutional verification. The system utilizes smart technology that includes applying progressive rules to automatically approve verifications or if a manual review is required, separates those verifications for further review.
Improve Student Experience
Verification Gateway intuitively guides students and parents through the verification process. With easy-to-follow alerts and task lists, they know what documentation is needed, when it’s due and when they’ve completed their requirements. If clarification is needed, there are helpful tips along the way and the option for personal contact.
Organize Document Management
Verification Gateway collects all necessary documentation and combines it with the student record to eliminate time-consuming sorting and hunting for files. The convenient dashboard makes it easy for administrators to download individual documentation or a complete aid-year streamlining the process to package student files and disburse aid more quickly.
Increase Flexibility for Financial Aid Staff
Financial Aid staff can spend less time on busywork and gain more time to focus on students. Using the administrator portal, Verification Gateway grants school staff the freedom to manage the online verification process wherever they are and whenever they want.
Enhance Effectiveness
Verification Gateway offers schools a means to award students faster; reduce compliance risk and incoming call volume; and increase efficiency – all while improving student satisfaction.
Support the Changing Environment
The flexibility of the Verification Gateway platform enables efficient turnaround on systematic changes, like ED requirements.
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Financial Aid Management

Financial Aid
Streamlined, secure, intuitive project assistance that helps you keep students informed and in school.
Financial Aid ManagementFinancial Aid Management Mobile
Our financial aid management solutions reduce complication by providing intuitive, supportive tools for students and time-saving processes for financial aid administrators.
Verification Gateway
Transforming verification to offer time savings and flexibility.
PJ Advisor
An effective, uncomplicated alternative to managing the growing number of requests for professional judgment.
SAP Advisor
A fully automated, seamless online solution to effectively manage the Satisfactory Academic Progress process and SAP appeals.
Loan Summary
A simple, effective, uncomplicated solution to help you help increase
borrower awareness.
Student Outreach Program
Connects with prospective, current and withdrawn students to address entry concerns, provide support and collect data.